Italian Food Specialties

Slow My Food is born to supply high quality Italian food products, anywhere in the world. In particular, the Slow My Food project was created based on knowledge of tastes, eating habits and the appreciation of Made in Italy on national and foreign markets. 
Slow My Food is structured as an interface between Italian manufacturing companies, selected by us and companies interested in offering the best Made in Italy products to its customers. Our consultancy contribution, started about twenty years ago, for Italian companies, has allowed us to deepen and directly know the production processes, the choice of raw materials used, the accredited certifications, the certain timing of the shipment of products ,
placing us as guarantors of the whole productive-organizational process. 
Our procedure provides a precise path in the identification of the best Italian producers and foreign counterparts such as hotels, restaurants, catering, gourmets, food platforms and distributors, ensuring the highest correspondence between supply and demand. 
This process took place and takes place, through a careful market analysis, with the help of professionals in the sector and sophisticated IT programs. 
Over the years we have also specialized in the supply of various commodities, not of Italian origin. 
Slow My Food assists companies (producers and buyers) at all stages of the export and import process.

 The integrated services of Slow My Food include:

  • International commercial planning.
  • Identification of the client and drafting of supply contracts until the positive closing of the deal.
  • Logistics by land, by sea and by air for export processes.
  • Customs procedures and customs clearance for export processes. 
  • Identification of payment instruments and analysis of financial flows.
  • Currency hedging in relation to exchange rate fluctuations for imports and exports of traded products.


The philosophy

The search for products of excellence and above all “Il Volersi bene” is the philosophy of Slow My Food.

Chefs, industry specialists and gorumet can research Slow My Food as the ideal counterpart to compare and identify Italian food excellences and delicacies.

The Slow My Food project became a reality, with total dedication to daily work, over the years, has allowed it to support the various international companies, ensuring consistency and reliability.

The mission

The Mission is to deliver daily in the homes of the citizens of the world all Italian specialties combining tradition, modernity, service and providing the customer with quality and safety through the direct commitment of the whole team, Slow My Food.

The commitment is to offer all consumers the many Italian food goodness, ancient recipes, selected ingredients, healthy and natural from a nation full of aromas, flavors, culture to arouse unique sensations.

The General Index

The cutting edge of Slow My Food is the diversity of food products that implement the catalog adapted to the different tastes and traditions of every country in the world.

The localization of the product is the result of a work of analysis and study to definitively insert it into the diet of each person.

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Companies with the same type of products have been merged to have a greater penetration capacity and to respond to the different quantities of supplies required by international markets.

A careful research started and supported by the founder but made possible by the skills and professionalism of all its employees.

A careful selection that unites, in perfect union, with the evolution and the deepening knowledge of Italian food products in various foreign countries.